Wilderness by L’Attirail

Wilderness by L’Attirail

Release date:
February 2010


Dreamy vision of a long gone American West, Wilderness imagines its remaining multiple facets through profound leading guitars, mixing Mexican, Western and traditional influences with a pinch of Rock’n’Roll.

The 15 Tableaux :

Lone Rider Way : A solitary horse rider, victim of frightening hallucintations

Split Downtown : Minds heat up in the last town before the unknown

Vaquero Wage : The sweat of mexican cowherds, guardians of big Californian herds

Longhorn Palace : Famous nighttime establishment, Irish meeting point

Rimpampanos : Small tensions between mexicans and mescaleros

Walden Pond : The softness of a pond which inspired Thoreau

Stubborn Snake : Sobriety (in the water!) and tenacity, two qualitities necessary in order to come out of the desert alive

Boot Hill Bones : Bitter life summary of an aging hitman

Mangus Colorado : The powerful Indian chief, one of the first victims of the ‘whites’ 

Tarentula on the big toe : Upleasant surprise after waking up in the middle of nowhere

Dr Dry’s Elixir : A little pick-me-up which ends up distorting reality

Tubacity : A perilous crossing of Main Street

Mountains Men : Bucolic universe of rocky mountains’ trappers

The Pike Path : Zebulion Pike was one of the first explorers amazed by the West

Hard-Boiled Stew : Not a tender stew for real hard-boiled men


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