Alborada do Brasil by Carlos Núñez

Alborada do Brasil by Carlos Núñez

Release date:
August 2009

With ‘Alborada do Brasil’ (the dawn or dawn serenade from Brasil) Carlos Núñez follows the traces of an emigrated and ‘disappeared’ galician great grand-father in Brasil, exploring traditions of Galicia, Ireland and even Brittany, exported and anchored in Brasil, crossing the ‘gaïta’ (galician windpipe) and the flute with the elite of Brasilian singers and musicians (Lenine, Carlinhos Brown, Adriana Calcan - hotto, the accordionist Dominguinhos, the drummers of Beija Flor’s Samba school, the 7-string guitarist Milton Candeias…) and also with the incomparable Chieftains, on two songs on the album.

With 7 titles out of 13 produced by the two current major Brasilian producers (Alê Siqueira on 4 titles and Mario Caldato on 3), the rest produced by Carlos himself, ‘Alborada do Brasil’ includes most of the genres in Brasilian music (samba, chorros, forro…) for a ‘Celtic Brasil’, festive and touching, unpredictable and passionate.

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