BORI - Fous Les Canards

BORI - Fous Les Canards

Release date:
October 2010

"Fous les Canards" is presented like the follow-up to "Dans ce monde Pout-Pout" released in 2008.

Twelve titles, twelve takeoffs: Foule anonyme, Les douteux, Sans toi à Washington, Gestes de gestionnaires, Swigne la baraque, J’l’ai pas dit (Sarkozy), À l’arraché, Je, Ils, Noël, On s’aimait doux et Toute ta lettre, flow like the chapters of a travel novel in the heart of cities embroidered with humanity.

Happiness walks alongside absurd. Beauty is entangled with greyness and dreams to seek. Musical styles which are completely exploded and interpretations sometimes sensitive, sometimes biting, which all have the genius of taking us upon a journey.