'VIA EVROPA' by Zaragraf

'VIA EVROPA' by Zaragraf

Release date:
30th AUGUST 2010

ZARAGRAF is a style, a world, a fantasy cabaret layed between the Balkans and Andalusia. Irrigated with gypsy and flamenco rhythms, with a few subtle rock references... One awakes at the circus, a journey at the boundaries of 'real', quivering to the sounds of Mira's strange singing and embarking upon an improbable other...

Between Mira, Yugoslavian singer, Manu, guitarist with rock influences, Bruno, the multi-instrumentalist specialist of flamenca and rock guitar and Pepe, musician marked by his andalusian origins, each offers a difference serving a music and an atmosphere which hestitates between Balkans and Spain and finally escapes any sort of geographical mark...

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