CONTRÉO - Ollivier Leroy

de Olli and the Bollywood Orchestra

CONTRÉO - Ollivier Leroy

Release date:
20 October 2010


References to Klaus Nomi and his "Cold Song" adapted from Henry Purcell's "King Arthur", to the castras whose voices were popularised by Farinelli but also references to composers such as Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman and Peter Greenaway's soundtracks, Radiohead's Kid A… However, it is elswhere that Olli takes his audience with poetic stances inspired by Purcell, strings that build tension, electronic rhythms and one singular voice.


Olli comes back to his occidental roots  to dive into the universe and art of "belting", capable of reaching sommets of alto-clef.


The meeting between the composer and arranger Jean-Philippe Goude was decisive in this adventure. Completely enthused by the project, he offered to write all of the arrangements and accompany Olli (Ollivier Leroy) on stage with his Ensemble.


The members of his Ensemble are all as talented: Hervé Cavelier and Sébastien Surel on violins (W Sheller, Ute Lemper, Peter Kingsberry, Ben Harper, Bumcello, Lenny Kravitz, Richard Galliano…), the alto player Nathalie Carlucci (Pascal Obispo, Johnny Hallyday, Isabelle Boulay, Grand Corps Malade…), the cellist of the Opéra de Paris orchestra and the "Mozart" musical Miwa Rosso, the doublebassist Benoît Dunoyer De Segonzac (Julien Loureau, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Ute Lemper…), Marie Abdoun (Opéra de Paris…).


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