Guitar - World Music



Release date:
The 4th of October 2010

As in his previous albums, the artist mixes sounds that cover a vast geography (Europe, Asia, Africa, America...) and diverse eras in a whole which is immediately identifiable: the Bensusan sound.

Like a Haïku, the title "Vividly" encompasses several facets of a vast world. A world of vivacity which reflects upon the universe of an artist in constant transformation, a world of a musician without a label that travels the world each year, encountering people and world music. You will find in VIVIDLY perfumes of musics in a whole, where virtuosity, even though apparent, disappears for emotion.

Like in all his previous albums, instrumental guitar pieces move alongside songs (in french and in english). Bensusan sings freedom, tolerance, fear, challenges, spirituality, initiation, and transformation of human beings through texts written in majority by his wife Doatea Cornu Bensusan.

"Vividly", "Kiss Landing", "Dadgad Café", "Veilleuse", "Pirogue", "BaladInA",  and "Astres & Gnomes" are the instrumental pieces of the album. Bensusan also sings texts that he wrote, like « La Java du concessionnaire», in memory of the "musette" Paris of his childhood. « Les Places de la liberté » is dedicated to the Algerian woman writer Djémila Benhabib, known especially for her role in supporting the women cause in the arabic world. Then there is « Pas sage » inspired by and Argentinian tango and « Purple and Blue », hymn to love written by his friend Nina Swan, ex-Chorist of Camilo Sestro. 

In VIVIDLY, Bensusan uses essentially his new "signature" guitar, made by the irish stringed instrument-maker George Lowden. Among the guests on the album are Gan Guo, master of the two-stringed chinese violin - Er Hu - on two titles and Franck Sitbon (keyboards) on "Purple and Blue". In this album, Bensusan also plays bass, percussions and realise some vocal harmonies.

For the anecdote, Bensusan wrote the title "VIVIDLY" for Pat Milliken, his californian road manager. Pat uses this word in moments of intense joy shared on the road.

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