TANDEM : Minvielle-Suarez

TANDEM : Minvielle-Suarez

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In « Tandem », everything holds together, but never one without the other, they accompany each other, they hold hands, are arm-in-arm, luminous tightrope walkers, no string or net, a widely opened accordion keeping them balanced, moved by combined energies of air and voice, with only stage  the dark blue sky of a summer night. 

So, when Minvielle meets Suarez, it’s a great moment! 


The titles

1) Balagora - The ball, that’s where both our protagonists learned how to make life dance. 

2) C’est Non – This is the text of a singer songwriter « wordsicien » 

3) Le béret - The beret is the main symbol. They talk a lot about identity. 

4) Juliette et Lucie – It’s the waltz of two sisters like matches. 

5) Mama Cucurbita – Two voices, sweet boxes, percussion and accordion in the middle of a rugby match. 

6) L’Alambic – It’s you, it’s us, it’s culture, it’s everyone having a feast. 

7) Totem – Our basis totem, here, is Alberte. In the country of variation dear to improvisation, one improvises in the middle of a field of cows.  

8) Cançon – The closest language to Occitan is Portuguese. Béarnaise meditation on aveyronnaise inspiration. 

9) Lagenaria - O. G. M. organism generously modifiable

10) Du cirque – The circus, childhood of art and eyes.