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Papua New Guinea Stringbands with Bob Brozman

Papua New Guinea Stringbands with Bob Brozman

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A bluesman from New-York with a guitar made of steel. Bob Brozman recorded five orchestras of men voices and captivating Hawaiian strings in Papua New Guinea. He is constantly on tour all over the world. Bob Brozman, the famous bluesman from New York with the guitar made of steel, is crazy about the most unexpected musical encounters. He collaborated with all different sorts of projects, with musicians from all over the world. Strong from successful partnerships, Bob Brozman is a prolific artist. Open minded, he has got an unlimited dynamism. He interferes with agility and delicacy in all sorts of musical genres. With his guitar, he produces very peculiar beats and builds a subtle mix, from the Blues of the Mississippi to Hawaiian, Indian, African, Japanese and Caribbean tones. « If music had to exist in another world, Bob would represent the Earth for interplanetary partnerships».

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