World Music

Kara Deniz

de L'Attirail

Kara Deniz

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In 2007, L’attirail released “Kar Deniz”, the 6th “Musical Road-movie”. This time the band takes us along the Black Sea for a real and exotic imaginary trip. With their dreamlike world, we can hear and feel the destitution of Caucasus and Central Asia, the nostalgia of the Sublime Porte (the Ottoman Empire before the Republic of Atatûrk), the kindness of the Danube as well as the activities of harbours. A breathless waltz in Yalta, the restless day of a rebel highlander, the torpor of a snake island. Here is a sample of the stories The Attirail has to tell, all narrated with a language free of any systems. Violin, saz, single-string chord, bouzouki, and guitars are coping with clarinet, flute, doudouk, brass instrument, piano and accordion.