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de Mory Kante


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« Sabou » was released on the 8th October 2004 After several electrical albums, Mory Kanté released an acoustic one : Sabou. This album is dedicated to the inhabitants of his hometown : Albadariah in Guinea. Sabou means “the cause” : the true reason for the happenings of life. With Sabou, Mory Kanté gets back to his influential inspiration, which is “the reason” of his talent : the art of the Mandika Griots. This art is a very old tradition, which gave Mory Kanté the opportunity to create a rich palette of harmonies as well as to develop his own genre. In his music a part is left to some light choirs of women. Kora, flute, balafon, bolon (a four-strings harpe-bass), djembé, doun douns and grattoirs are played all together to create a cascade of energetic rhythms and inexhaustible cadencies. A highly-charged acoustic ensemble made possible thanks to the miraculous sounds it creates, exactly like an electric band.