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The OTRAMAR boxed set gathers 7 new records and carries the print of a handcrafted work. In a world where everything is thought, optimized, sterilized, Miqueu Montanaro follows his own human and poetical way. Surrounded by a loyal and patient team, he fulfills his dreams. His projects are born on the rhythms of his encounters. Vol 1. Un Pont sur la Mer (nouba profane : the Ora Dorada trio & the Al Maoussilia ensemble) Vol 2. Raga Tambourin (a solo which summarizes his musical journeys) Vol 3. Ora Dorada (melodies & improvisations : Amanda Gardone, Double Bass – Laurence Bourdin, Hurdy-Gurdy -Miqueu Montanaro, Galoubet, Tambourine, Accordion, Singer) Vol 4. Calènda (Provencal Christmas renewed : Serge Pesce, Guitar – Fabrice Gaudé, Percussions - Miqueu Montanaro, Galoubet, Tambourine, Flutes) Vol 5. Imaginogène (Serge Pesce, Electric Guitar & Miqueu Montanaro, Galoubets) Vol 6. Adventures (Alan Vitous, Percussionnist of Jazz from Czech Republic & Miqueu Montanaro Vol 7. Suite Colombiana (Colombian Musicians + Ora Dorada)