Unpredictable, BORI? Multifaceted, protean. Wild type - a little Dutronc, a little Souchon, singer, comedian, poet-acrobat, he has fun shuffling styles, genres, codes, cards. A BORI show is a happily orchestrated and poetically engaged jumble, where fantasies flirt with all-out denunciations.

BORI is a one of a kind  universe. Creator of a poetry capable of transporting the imaginary and sensitivity of the soul, the artist takes us in a whirlwind of songs, circus art forms, cinema.

Under ways which can sometimes seem deceptively light, in a language and a music that bamboozles strangeholds, BORI speaks straight to the heart, to the human, to intelligence and to sensitivity.

Fous les Canards is his eighth album. The third released in France. The follow-up to the "Dans ce mond Poutt-Poutt" album, released in 2008.


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