Antonio Placer

Antonio Placer

Singer, musician, poet, composer and arranger, the Galician exiled in France, makes up a World music with all the influences that carried him along his development. What is his style ? What is the nature of his music ? It is hard to determine… He gives power to stages thanks to his generous presence. He has a unique way of transmitting his interests, such as love and sensuality, as well as solidarity, rebellion and thoughtful, critical and liberated citizenships. Self-educated musician, Antonio Placer thinks and creates on the long term. Since 1993, Antonio Placer has presented his creations and has released 8 albums as well as 2 booklets of poesy. The artist regularly goes on tour in Europe, South America and Asia.




Café de la Danse - Paris - 6 & 7 october 2009

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