Song with LOUIS CHEDID Guest of Honour

24th - 31st October 2010

Le Festival des Nuits de Champagne

Le Festival des Nuits de Champagne

Nuits de Champagne, festival with a story, story where territory meets art, the art of writing and singing…

At the heart of those Nights, a chosen singer-songwriter stages their influences, their style, their repertoire and their encounters to offer every year a destination and a journey within their artistic universe. 

From Troyes, from the neighbouring district, from the Aube and regions of Champagne and Bourgogne, 33 360 festival-goers assemble in Troyes to share words and emotions of a song…

‘Song that Sings’ is the heart of the Nuits de Champagne project, which beats to the rhythm of 4000 festival participants, actors of their own festival to share the passion of song. 

To Write, to Sing, to Move…Such is the motto of a singer-songwriter. 

With: Louis Chedid, Gaëtan Roussel, Jeanne Cherhal, Moriarty, Aldebert "J'ai dix ans !",-M-, Le Grand Choral de Louis Chedid, Shirley et Dino, Sanseverino, Yodelice, Les Octaves, Carnaval Triste, Lili Ster, Karimouche, Jérémie Kisling, Hey Hey My My, Chiche Capon, Lorenzo Sanchez, La Teuf, Diving with Andy, Lieutenant Nicholson, Bazbaz, Marc-André Léger, Albin de la Simone / Pierre Souchon, Carmen Maria Vega, Stud, Art Mengo, Zed Van Traumat, Gush...


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