Since 1997

Les Nuits de Nacre

Les Nuits de Nacre

The different purposes of the Festival are to present artists and creations, to introduce a wide range of audiences with accordions, to encourage encounters between famous artists and new ones, to help the meeting of artists and audiences, to introduce the various ways of playing reed instruments as well as to contribute to the development of accordion practices.

Since May 2003, the « Nuits de Nacre » Festival has been organized by “La Cité de l’Accordéon” (Association de Gestion et d’Animation du Pôle de l’Accordéon de Tulle, de la Corrèze et du Limousin), an organization that replaced the APPNAT (Association Pour la Préfiguration du Pôle National de l’Accordéon à Tulle). Ever since, each year, this very unique event attracts more and more visitors : around 60 000 people were there in 2008. The firm « Accordéons de France - Maugein » in Tulle is the last French manufacturer of accordions and the popular culture that belongs to it transformed the accordion in the symbol of the town.

From the16th to the19th of Septembre 2010 at the Nuits de Nacre Festival :

2010 Theme : Musette Métissée (Accordion Music Mixity)

‘Musette’ (Accordion Music) is first of all a human adventure coloured by stories, cultures, urban traditions, a complicated puzzle with many influences. The ‘Musette’ repertoire evolves, metamophoses, breaks out, fuses and diffuses. It becomes new‘musette’, rock ‘musette’, klezmer, tzigane, jazz ‘musette’ : it is multplie, it is mixed… 

Domi Emorine: guiding artist for 2010, Johnny Clegg, Juliette Gréco, Caroline Loeb and Gérald Elliott,  Richard Galliano, Red Cardell, Quartet Pierre Mussi, Les Clébards, Les Dénicheurs,  Duo Bona/Capel, JigaJack Musette, La Milca, Les Filles du Bord de Scène, Manaswing, Gallina La Lupa, Prowpuskovic, Chloé Lacan, Les Garçons Trottoirs, The Bavest, Duo Paris/Moscou, Prisca, Azzango, Nos Zigues, Dis-le A ton Voisin...

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