CARLO GIULIANI, RAGAZZO » directed by Francesca Comencini

CARLO GIULIANI, RAGAZZO »  directed by Francesca Comencini

Release date:
2003 à 2008

Editeur :
Les Films d'Ici

« Carlo Giuliani, Ragazzo » relates the day of the 20th July 2001. Whilst the Summit of the G8 was happening, altermondialist demonstrators protested in the street of Genes. The day, Carlo Giuliani, a 23 years old pacifist demonstrator was killed. In parallel to the deeply moving story of Haidi Giuliani, the young dead man’s mother, Francesca Comencini assembles these two stories such as a common main thread. This poignant documentary was presented in 2002 for the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival. To be noticed : the sound tracks was realized by Enio Morricone. Francesca Comencini is an Italian film director as well as a scriptwriter, screenwriter, adapter and directing assistant. Settled in France since 1982, she is the daughter of the film director Luigi Comencini. She started in cinema by adapting an autobiography in 1984 « Pianaforte ». As she won the De Sica Price at the Venice Festival, her talent was immediately acknowledged. Four years after this success, she directed a second feature film. In 1991, she became the directing assistant of her father for « Marcelino ». She then carried on directing as well as working on producing two documentary films for the T.V.